SMS To Yang Gang Via Wang Jing

SMS stands for "short message service" and it is commonly called "text messaging." The MathBabbler refers to SMS and text messages as POT (Plain-Old-Text) because that is what they are.

A Beijing, China-based company has duped about 400,000 people by "creating the character of a 22-year-old female nurse named Wang Jing to solicit text messages and collect revenue from lonely men." One of the company's former employees--Yang Gang, a 26-year-old male science graduate-- was quoted saying, "Spending the whole day as a girl chatting to cheat people, I felt so disgusting."

The scam was simple: "Fictional character Wang Jing would ask mobile phone users flirty questions before luring them unwittingly into subscribing to the nurse's chat for 10-30 yuan a month." Yang, the former employee, said he would "receive up to 2,000 text messages from people all over China in a single shift."

On 10 January 2007, one USD was worth 7.8065 CNY.

  1. A subscription to a "nurse's chat" cost between $______ and $______.

  2. Assume a "shift" is eight hours. Yang Gang received approximately _______ text messages per hour while pretending to be Wang Jing.

  3. Using the average of 10 and 30, the Beijing-based company made about ________ CNY from "lonely men."

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