US Airways Ups Bid For Delta

[update: 2007.01.31] US Airways ended its take over attempt of Delta Air Lines after Delta's creditors said no to the deal.

US Airways wants Delta Airlines. In November 2006, US Airways offered Delta $4 billion in cash and 78.5 million LCC shares. US Airways new offer to Delta is $5 billion in cash and 89.5 million LCC shares.

LCC closed at $57.90 per share on 9 January 2007. There were approximately 88.81 million LCC shares outstanding.

  1. US Airways second Delta bid contains $________________ more cash than the original bid.

  2. US Airways second Delta bid contains _______________ LCC shares than the original bid.

  3. Reports of US Airways' new bid for Delta indicated that the new offer had a value of $10.2 billion while the original offer was valued at $8.4 billion. The original offer valued LCC shares at approximately $________ per share.

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Created: 10 January 2007

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