US Airways Posts a 4th-Quarter Profit

Tempe, AZ-based US Airways Group Inc. posted a 2006 4th-quarter profit of $12 million, or 13 cents per share, compared with a loss of $261 million, or $3.27 per share during the same period in 2005.

US Airways' 4th-quarter results included special items that totaled $74 million.

US Airways Group Inc. trades under the symbol LCC (low cost carrier).

  1. The dollar difference between the 2005 4th-quarter loss and the 2006 4th-quarter profit was $________________.

  2. As of 4th-quarter 2006, there were __________________ (more | less) LCC shares than 4th-quarter 2005.

  3. Excluding "special items", US Airways posted a 2006 4th-quarter profit of ________________.

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