Stephen Stills Turns 62 and Danica McKellar Turns 32

On the last-page of the "Living" section of the 3 January 2007 Arizona Republic was a picture of Danica McKellar. The blurb next to her picture indicated she was celebrating her 32nd birthday. I noticed on the birthday list that Stephen Stills was also celebrating his 62nd birthday on 3 January 2007.

  1. Stephen Stills is ________ years more in age than Danica McKellar.

  2. Stephen Stills wrote a song titled "4 + 20" that started with the verse... "Four and twenty years ago, I come into this life, the son of a woman and a man who lived in strife." Stills wrote "4 + 20" when he was _______ years in age.

  3. Danica McKellar turned "4 + 20" years in age on 3 January _______.


Speaking of Danica McKellar... her book Math Doesn't Suck was published in 2007. Danica has a B.S. degree in mathematics from U.C.L.A.

Speaking of Stephen Stills... he has also written songs titled "50/50" and "12/8 Blues."

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