Red Hat To Open an Office in Serbia

Raleigh, NC-based Red Hat Inc., a Linux and Open Source company, announced it is opening an office in Vrsac, Serbia. The office will "serve 10 countries including Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Croatia."

Red Hat will invest more than five million euros over the next three years in developing the Vrsac office.

When this BAB was created, one EUR was equal to $1.2907 USD.

  1. Over the next three years, Red Hat's Serbia investment will be approximately ____________ EUR per year. [round answer to nearest cent]

  2. Red Hat's Serbia investment totals ___________ USD.

  3. The Wikipedia says the dinar (RSD) is the official currency of Serbia; however, the currency exchange service provided by does not convert to/from RSD. Using Google, we found the currency converter and we used it to learn that 5,000,000 EUR are worth 402,386,258 RSD. In other words, one EUR is worth ____________ RSD.

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