Randy Johnson Returns To the Diamondbacks

The headlines say: "Johnson agrees to $26 million, 2-year contract." The following details were posted all over the WWW.

   signing bonus this year..........  $3.5 million 
   signing bonus in 2008............  $500,000 
   signing bonus in 2009............  $4 million 
   signing bonus in 2010............  $4 million 

   salary this year.................  $4 million
   salary in 2008...................  $10 million

   In addition, the Diamondbacks owe Johnson just over
   $44 million, including accrued interest, from 2007-12. 
   That money was earned by Johnson when he pitched for 
   Arizona from 1999-2004.

Randy "Big Unit" Johnson's win-loss record was 103-49 while previously with the Diamondbacks. At the end of the 2006 season, Johnson's overall record was 280-147.

Randy "Big Unit" Johnson was born during September of 1963 and he won his first major league game during the 1988 season.

  1. Johnson's goal is to win 300 games. He begins his return to the Diamondbacks needing ______ wins.

  2. Johnson signed a two-year deal; therefore, he will have to win an average of _______ games per year in order to reach 300 wins.

  3. In baseball years, Randy Johnson might be categorized as an "old man." During 2007, Johnson will turn _____ years in age.


AzCentral.com blogger E.J. Montini posted the following to his "Plugged In" blog.

   "Right now, it appears that if we're really lucky he'll 
    win 26 games over the course of his contract, or about 
    a million a win."

Montini's posting included that Johnson had signed a two-year contract worth $26 million. Montini did some math and calculated if Johnson wins 26 games over the span of two years, that it works out to "about a million a win." I don't understand why Montini used of the word "about."

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