Arizona Republic Columnist Blogs About Photo Radar

The following was copied from an "Plugged In" blog. GDT has not confirmed the accuracy of the information.

   "The cameras on Scottsdale's 6.5 miles of the 101 have so 
    far netted a profit of $3.6 million over nine months. Of 
    that, Scottsdale cleared $800,000, the courts got nearly 
    $500,000 and the state saw a tidy $2.3 million. And that's 
    with 17,000 of the 90,000 tickets still to be settled."

Arizona governor Janet Napolitano might be interested in using photo radar on all Valley of the Sun freeways.

  1. The Loop 101 photo radar in Scottsdale "netted a profit" of $_____________ per mile.

  2. No or Yes: The sum of 2.3 million and 0.5 million and 0.8 million equals 3.6 million.

  3. No or Yes: 3.6 million is a square number.

  4. According to the blog posting, ______% of the "90,000 tickets" must "still be settled."

  5. Assuming an average of 30 days per month, Loop 101 photo radar in Scottsdale generated approximately __________ tickets per day.

Update: 2007.01.31

Photo radar will be reactivated on Scottsdale's Loop 101 on 22 February 2007. The city is forecasting a $1.2 million profit by the end of June. 2005 census estimates peg Scottsdale's population at 226,013 people; therefore, the city is forecasting photo radar generating approximately $5.31 per resident by mid-year.

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