Endless.com Offers Overnight Shipping for Negative $5

The subject-line "overnight shipping for negative $5" caught GDT's attention (as did the domain name Endless.com).

   "Endless.com, an Amazon.com, Inc. retail website, has announced 
    a special promotion, effective immediately, in which customers 
    will be charged *negative* five dollars for *overnight* shipping 
    on all Endless orders placed through February 28."

The Endless.com press release also indicated that Endless.com offers "110 percent price guarantees." GDT didn't know what this meant so he visited Endless.com and found the following.

   "If you find another site that offers a lower price within 
    two weeks after the date we ship your order, let us know 
    and we'll credit your original payment method for 110% of 
    the difference."
  1. The absolute value of a negative five is _______.

  2. Zelmo buys $200 worth of stuff (women's shoes and handbags) from Endless.com and he opts for overnight shipment. Excluding taxes, Zelmo's total payment will be $_______.

  3. No or Yes: For the buyer, a negative $5 shipping fee is a better deal than free shipping.

  4. With respect to finite and infinity, the word endless implies _____________.

  5. Endless.com states the following: "If all items in an order are returned, you will be credited for the total price of the returned items less $5, not the item total before the $5 discount. For example, purchasing a shoe for $100 will result in a $95 order total (before tax if any); if you return it you will be credited $95 + tax."

  6. State the arithmetic operator usually associated with the word credit.

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Created: 29 January 2007

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