Receives a Second Round of Funding is receiving $6.5 million and $2.5 million, respectively, from the two investment firms. Meebo's raised $3.5 million in its original round of funding.

   "SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 17 (Reuters) - Meebo Inc., which allows users 
    to view instant messages from four of the most popular services 
    simultaneously, has won new financial backing from two of Silicon 
    Valley's top backers of hot Internet start-ups."
   [Reuters] "The site, which three recent college graduates set up a 
    year-and-a-half ago, now employs 12 people."

   [Reuters] "The service combines instant message (IM) contacts from 
    Yahoo, AOL Microsoft and Google into a unified 'buddy list.' Meebo 
    works over the Web instead of requiring users to download several 
    different software programs on each computer where they use IM services."

Reuters reported that Meebo has approximately 3.5 million users, who exchange around 75 million messages a day. 30% of Meebo users are in the United States.

Reuters also reported that 25% of Meebo users are teenagers, 20% are college-age and another 25% are recent college graduates who use Meebo to stay connected with friends while at work. [Note: many employers don't allow IM software to be used at work.]

  1. _______ out of every 100 Meebo users are not in the U.S.

  2. On average, Meebo users exchange approximately _____________ messages per hour.

  3. Define: college age.

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