The Cost of Taking 3-Credit Math Classes at SCC

This BAB is used to calculate how much it would cost Truman Foogoooman to take a 3-credit math course at Scottsdale Community College during the Spring 2007 semester.

   tuition.......... $???     (3-credits @ $65/1-credit)
   registration..... $ 15     
   course fee....... $  5
   book............. $ 97     (used versus $130 new)
   parking.......... $  0
   transportation... $???     (31 campus visits)

Truman lives five miles from SCC and his car gets approximately 31 miles per gallon.

  1. Tuition for the 3-credit course is $_________.

  2. Truman's semester long SCC commute will total _________ miles.

  3. During the semester, Truman's SCC commute will consume _________ gallons of gas.

  4. Assuming the gas price averages $2.40 per gallon for the entire semester, Truman Foogooman's transportation costs will approximate $_________.

  5. Using estimation, Truman's math class will cost about $_________.

  6. Truman's math class will cost $__________.

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 16 January 2007

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