21,500 More Troops Heading For Iraq

In early January of 2007, there were 132,000 troops in Iraq. On 10 January 2007, George W. Bush informed U.S. citizens that an additional 21,500 troops are going to Iraq.

According to the Wikipedia, five nations have over one million active troops.

   [source: Wikipedia.org on 2007.01.10]
   nation          active troops   active troops per
                                     1,000 citizens
   China........... 2,255,000             1.71
   United States... 1,426,713             4.76
   India........... 1,325,000             1.20
   North Korea..... 1,106,000            49.03
   Russia.......... 1,037,000             7.24
  1. The U.S. is increasing Iraq troops levels by ______%.

  2. After all the additional troops are deployed, there will be __________ U.S. troops in Iraq.

  3. Using the "active troops" information from the Wikipedia, China's population approximates ___________________ people.

  4. Using the "active troops" information from the Wikipedia, prior to sending 21,500 additional troops, approximately _______% of all U.S. active troops were already in Iraq.

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Created: 10 January 2007

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