Internet Stocks on 24 January 2007

The following table summarizes the stock activity in four Internet stocks on 24 January 2007.

   table 1

   ticker  price     % change    trading volume   company name
   YHOO   $ 28.94    up 7.34%    81.0M vs 24.8M   Yahoo! Inc.
   GOOG   $499.07    up 4.18%     6.1M vs  5.7M   Google Inc.
   EBAY   $ 30.00    up 4.02%    53.2M vs 16.0M   eBay Inc.
   AMZN   $ 37.26    up 2.28%     5.3M vs  7.8M Inc.

After markets closed on 24 January 2007, eBay announced it was going to "repurchase up to $2 billion of its common stock within the next two years. Last quarter, eBay repurchased 31 million shares for about $1 billion.


Use the information in "table 1" to solve the following exercises.

  1. Stocks are listed in _______________ order.

  2. GOOG's closing price was __________.

  3. No or Yes: All four stocks had an increase in trading volume.

  4. At its closing price, $2 billion would buy __________________ EBAY shares.

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