Google Joins Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Project

During 2006, Google setup some engineering operations in Tempe, Arizona. In early 2007, Google strengthened its Arizona ties by joining the Tucson-headquartered LSST project.

   "In 2003, the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, Research 
    Corporation, The University of Arizona, and the University of 
    Washington formed the LSST Corporation, a non-profit 501(c)3 
    Arizona corporation, with headquarters in Tucson, AZ."

The LSST is going to collect massive quantities of data that Google is going to help turn into information.

   "Scheduled to begin operations in 2013, the 8.4-meter LSST 
    will be able to survey the entire visible sky deeply in 
    multiple colors every week with its three-billion pixel 
    digital camera, probing the mysteries of Dark Matter and 
    Dark Energy, and opening a movie-like window on objects 
    that change or move rapidly: exploding supernovae, potentially 
    hazardous near-Earth asteroids as small as 100 meters, and 
    distant Kuiper Belt Objects." 

Quote from William Coughran, Google VP of Engineering: "Google's mission is to take the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful."

The decade-long LSST sky survey will generate "over 30 thousand gigabytes of images every night."


The following unit conversions can be used to solve these exercises.

   one foot = 0.3048 meters  ...  one yard = 3 feet
  1. The LSST will allow us to watch "potentially hazardous near-Earth asteroids as small as 100 meters". 100 meters equals ________ yard.

  2. The LSST measures 8.4-meters, or _______ feet.

  3. The LSST is scheduled to begin operations in ______ years.

  4. 30 thousand gigabytes equals _________ terabytes.

  5. Three-billion written in scientific notation is ______________.

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There was a blog posting about Google joining the LSST project that prompted me to comment.
   "Google, UA work on massive telescope"
   01/08/2007 06:34:50  

   Comment from: Gerald8100

   01/08/07 @ 17:59
   Thank You for posting about this. Once again Google is demonstrating 
   what it means to be a 21st century informatics company. It is excellent 
   that a project like the LSST is headquartered in Arizona.

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