2006 Saw an Increase in Genetically Engineered Plants

To date, genetic engineering has been used to increase crop yields. Most biotech crops are used to feed livestock. Genetic engineering has not been widely used to nutritionally enhance human foods.

   "Some 10.3 million farmers in 22 countries grew engineered crops on 
    252 million acres last year, a 13 percent increase over 2005.  About 
    9.3 million of those people were considered subsistence farmers."

   "In the United States, 80 percent of soy and a similar percentage 
    of cotton are genetically engineered. Some 80.5 million acres of 
    biotech corn are planted.  80.5 million acres represents about 
    40 percent of the country's crop."

   "In all, about 136.5 million acres of the nation's 445 million acres 
    of farmland was under biotech cultivation last year, an increase of 
    10 percent over 2005 plantings."
  1. Approximately _______% of the world's farmers are "subsistence farmers.

  2. In the U.S., approximately _______ acres of corn is not biocorn.

  3. In all, approximately _______% of the U.S. farmland was under "biotech cultivation" last year.

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