Engine 2355 at Pioneer Park in Mesa, Arizona

From an AzCentral.com blog posting, TempeHiker learned that Mesa might remove engine 2355 from Pioneer Park. While photographing engine 2355, TempeHiker saw a puddy cat.

  1. The number 2355 contains two units of one thousand and _______ units of one hundred and five units of ten and five ones.

  2. The number 2355 is not a prime number. List the prime factors of 2355.
    [hint: 157 is a prime number; get answer]

  3. The number ____________ is greater than 10,000 and is a multiple of 2355.

More Math in Mesa...

While in Mesa, TempeHiker found speed limit and parking signs and a no trespassing sign that became BARS (i.e. they contained math). In addition, while driving home, TempeHiker found a prime number speed limit sign at Mesa's Dobson High School.

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Created: 26 January 2007

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