New Form of DUI... DWT -- Driving While Texting

The content for this BAB was obtained from on 14 January 2007.

A House member from Arizona is seeking passage of House Bill 2129 that would make it unlawful to do POT (i.e. read or write text messages) while driving.

Drivers could be fined $50 if caught doing POT. Fines increase to $200 for DWT cases that result in an accident.

The Arizona-based politician believes a law would "deter about 80 percent of the people who now text behind the wheel."

  1. According to the Arizona-based politician, ______ drivers out of every 100 drivers will continue to POT (i.e. DWT) even if a law is passed.

  2. The DWT fine increases by ______% if an accident occurs while doing POT.

  3. No or Yes: The number 2129 is not an even number.

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Created: 14 January 2007

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