Cold Weather in the Southwest Hurts Citrus Crops

Four consecutive nights of below freezing temperatures have hurt citrus production in California. California is number one producer of citrus in the U.S. For example, 86% of lemons and 21% of oranges sold in the U.S. come from California. Citrus suffers when temperatures fall below -2.22°C. quoted a citrus farmer in California saying, "We may adjust the prices as we discover the full extent of the damage next week, but for now, if you bought an orange at the supermarket for 50 cents, expect to pay a dollar to $1.49 for it."

Potentially bad news for guacamole lovers...

   [source: on 17 January 2007]

   "Lee Cole, chief of Santa Paula-based Calavo Growers Inc., 
    which sells 35 to 40 percent of the state's $380 million 
    avocado crop, said the freeze may have claimed up to 
    40 percent of Calavo's crop in Ventura County, with 
    damage along the less-frigid coast between San Luis 
    Obispo and Escondido hovering between 25 and 35 percent."
  1. Zelmo Zeroman buys seven oranges a week at a unit cost of $0.50 per orange. If the cost per orange increases to $1.49, Zelmo will spend $_______ more per week for his oranges.

  2. Using the maximum of 35 and 40, Calavo Growers Inc. sells about $______________ worth of California's total avocado crop.

  3. Citrus suffers when temperatures fall below ________°F. [F = (9/5) x C + 32]

  4. The price for an orange might increase ______% as a result of cold weather.

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