Cisco Systems Buying Spam and Virus Blocker IronPort

San Jose, CA-based Cisco Systems Inc. (CSCO) announced it will "buy email and web security firm IronPort Systems Inc. for $830 million to tap growing demand for anti-virus and anti-spam software."

Cisco Systems has about 50,000 employees. On 6 January 2007, at a stock price of $28.47, Cisco had a stock market value of approximately $172.89 billion. Cisco's most recent balance sheet showed a cash position of $19.52 billion.

San Bruno, CA-based IronPort is a privately-held company "known for 'reputation filters' that block spam by examining a sender's record." IronPort has about 408 employees.

  1. Cisco's cash position written as a whole number is ____________________.

  2. Cisco's workforce will be ______% larger after the IronPort acquisition.

  3. The stock market value of a company is the per share stock price times the number of shares outstanding. Using the data from 6 January 2007, there were approximately ____________ CSCO shares.

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