Welcome to Bouse, Arizona

On 1/4/2007 the Welcome to Bouse sign said the population was 875 "friendly" people and 5 grouches. The sign indicated that there use to be three grouches, but that the grouch count had increased to five (i.e. a couple of grouches must have moved into town).

  1. Bouse's total population is ______ people.

  2. Grouches represent _______% of Bouse's total population.

  3. An increase from three to five is a _______% increase.

  4. According to the Wikipedia, Bouse has a population of 615 people at the time of the 2000 census. If the 875 is correct on the Bouse Welcome Sign, then the town's population has increased by ______ people since year 2000.

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RoadHacker drove through Bouse, Arizona, on his way home from the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge. He noticed that the Bouse population had not changed since his last visit to Bouse on 1/4/2007. However, on 1/4/2007, RoadHacker paid $2.399 per gallon for gas compared to $2.929 per gallon on 11/4/2007.

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