Bobby Knight - Men's College Basketball Winningest Coach

On 1 January 2007, Bobby Knight won his 880th game when the Red Raiders of Texas Tech University beat the Lobos of New Mexico University. The previous winningest coach was Dean Smith closely followed by Adolph Rupp. Bobby Knight won his 880th game while he was 66 years in age.

Bobby Knight became head coach at Army during 1965. He won 102 games in six years at West Point. Knight moved to Indiana University in 1971 where he won 662 games in 29 seasons. Knight became head coach at Texas Tech in 2001.

  1. Bobby Knight has been a head basketball coach for _______ years.

  2. At 880 wins, ________% of Knight's wins were with Indiana University.

  3. Knight averaged ________ wins per year during the six years he was head coach at Army's West Point.

  4. At 880 wins, Knight has won ________ games while head coach at Texas Tech University.

  5. Texas Tech is part of a strong university system in the state of Texas. According to, Texas has a 2005 population estimate of 22,859,968 people. Arizona's population approximates 6.2 million people. The population of Texas is _______ more people than Arizona's population.

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