From POT to Arizona Pot

I've BABbled about POT before and in those BABs POT was Plain-Old-Text. This BAB is about pot (marijuana).

The front-page of the 2 January 2007 Arizona Republic had the following headline: "Arizona key gateway for pot."

Reporter Daniel Gonzalez wrote: "The Border Patrol said agents seized over 331 tons (662,650 pounds) of marijuana worth $530 million last fiscal year, ending Sept. 30."

Daniel also reported that "Arizona is on a pace to set a new record. Since Oct. 1, agents have seized over 106 tons, worth $170 million, nearly 20 tons more than the same period the previous year."

  1. There are 2000 pounds in one short ton and there are 2240 pounds in one long ton. The Republic said 331 tons totaling 662,650 pounds of pot was seized last fiscal year. The Republic's data is in units of a (long | short) ton.

  2. As of early 2007, Arizona's population approximated 6.2 million people. Last year the Border Patrol seized approximately ________ ounces of pot per Arizona resident. [1 pound = 16 ounce]

  3. The Border Patrol valued this year's seized pot at $________ per pound.

  4. The 106 tons20 tons (i.e. _______%) more pot than was seized during the same period last year.

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