Ashlee Simpson Sells Her Encino Home

The following information was found in "Real Estate" section in the 6 January 2007 Arizona Republic.

22-year-old Ashlee Simpson (sister of Jessica Simpson, but no relation to Homer Simpson) sold her Encino, California, home for $5.7 million. Ashlee bought the home in 2005 for $4.5 million.

Ashlee sold a 9,000-square-foot house that had a 2,200-square-foot master bedroom that in turn had a 700-square-foot closet.

  1. Ashlee's home appreciated ______% in value during the two years she owned it.
    [record answer to nearest hundredth]

  2. Ashlee's closet was _____% of the entire house.
    [record answer to nearest hundredth]

  3. Ashlee's home sold for $___________ per square-foot.
    [record answer to nearest cent]

  4. GDT's 1,800-square-foot home equals approximately _________ of Ashlee's closets.
    [record answer to nearest tenth]

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Created: 06 January 2007

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