The Cost of Artie Artichoke Dolls for Spring 2007

GDT will award a little Artie Artichoke doll to every student who has perfect attendance during the Spring 2007 semester. Each little Artie doll cost $3.50 and all of the money goes toward student scholarships. The following table presents Spring 2007 enrollments.

   class          # students     # awarded*
   mat082                 13           ???
   mat102 (9:00)          15           ???
   mat102 (10:30)         23           ???
   mat120                 28           ???

   * ??? fields will be completed at the end of the semester
  1. A total of _________ little Artie dolls will be awarded if all students have perfect attendance.

  2. Using the answer from exercise number one, it will cost $__________ to buy the little Artie dolls.

  3. If 10% of students have perfect attendance, then ________ little Artie dolls will be awarded. [record your answer to the nearest whole Artie]

Note: The only way to get all three exercises correct is to get exercise number one correct (i.e. figure out the total number of students at the beginning of the Spring 2007 semester).

Miscellaneous Stuff

SCC's bookstore has lots of Artie Artichoke dolls (both big and little).


A total of 18 Artie Artichoke dolls were awarded for perfect attendance during the Spring 2007 semester.

   class          # students     # awarded
   mat082                 13             0
   mat102 (9:00)          15             1
   mat102 (10:30)         23             3
   mat120                 28           14*

   * attendance was required

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Created: 15 January 2007

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