Airport Delays In 2006 Sets a Record reported that "airline delays increased sharply last year [2006] to record highs." The following items were copied from

   + in total, aircraft were "delayed 22.1 million minutes"
   + minimum 15 minute delays for "22% of large airline flights"
   + at Newark, "one-third of arrivals on major airlines were at 
     least 15 minutes late"
  1. The .1 in 22.1 million minutes represents the value ________________ minutes.

  2. _______ out of every 1000 "large airline flights" were delayed a minimum of 15 minutes.

  3. At the Newark airport, approximately ______% of "arrivals on major airlines" were at a minumum 15 minutes late.

GDT wasn't going to turn this news into a BAB, but 15 minutes was mentioned twice and that caused him to recall the BAB 15 Minutes Considered Precious.

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