[RSM] Gets Tougher On Math Constants

I was notified by (RSM) that BARS:: Pi Sign Found Eight Miles South of Hannibal, Missouri would not be accepted because of rule changes documented in Announce: Constant Resolution.

Upon receiving this news, BARS:: Six Miles South of LaGrange on US Hwy-61 in Missouri was submitted.

The rule change announcement indicated that the square root of the square root of the number 98 approximates Pi truncated to two decimal places.

	sqrt(sqrt(98)) = 3.14634628
	            Pi = 3.14159265

In other words, if the numbers of a road sign can be manipulated to evaluate to Pi, then the road sign can be a BARS (Basic Arithmetic Road Sign). When time permits, RoadHacker will re-visit unused road signs to see if they can be made to evaluate to 98.

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 26 November 2006

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