Goldwater Institute Writes About the Cost of Light-Rail

[update::2008.12.27] The Valley Metrol light-rail started running today, Saturday, 27 December 2008. Kudos to everybody who was responsible for making this project a reality.

The Goldwater Institute posted a short blurb about the "costs" of light-rail. Their posting was titled "My Two Cents."

   Claim #1: "It costs $2.50 in Dallas to ride light rail and buses all day."

   "In Dallas, taxpayers subsidize $3.24 of each passenger fare, 
    bringing the total ticket price to well over $5.00. That means, 
    when a passenger rides the train to and from work every weekday 
    for 50 weeks, it costs taxpayers $1,620 a year."

The Goldwater Institute posting had two claims; therefore, each claim was worth a penny.

  1. In Goldwater Institute speak, "well over" implies _______ cents per each passenger fare.

  2. Explain how the Goldwater Institute came up with the $1,620 a year amount.

  3. A light-rail passenger in Dallas pays ________% of the total cost of their ticket.

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