Valley of the Sun Light-Rail Update

[update::2008.12.27] The Valley Metrol light-rail started running today, Saturday, 27 December 2008. Kudos to everybody who was responsible for making this project a reality.

The chief executive for Valley Metro light-rail wrote a "My Turn" article in the 19 September 2006 Arizona Republic. The information contained in this BAB was obtained from that article.

  1. 36% of the initial 20 miles of light-rail in the Valley of the Sun has been completed. There ________ miles still to build.

  2. Two extensions of 27 miles and 10 miles, respectively, have been approved to the light-rail system. When 100% completed, there will be ________ miles of light-rail in the Valley of the Sun.

  3. The final light-rail system will have _______% more miles than the initial 20 mile segment.

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Created: 19 September 2006

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