U.K. Allocates Funds For Hector the Supercomputer

The following was posted to the GDT::Grid::Utilitarian on 4 April 2006.

The United Kingdom has allocated £52m to build "Hector." Hector is the "High-End Computing Terascale Resource" and it will be owned by the Research Councils of the UK.

According to the BBC story, the new supercomputer could run at speeds of up to 100 teraflops.

The BBC reported that Hector will not come close to matching Blue Gene/L's 280.6 teraflops and that Blue Gene/L has "not reached its maximum performance, thought to be in excess of 367 teraflops."

BBC.co.uk:: Boost for UK's superfast computer

As of Tue Apr 4 05:00:41 MST 2006, 1 U.K. £ (GBP) was equal to 1.747 U.S. $ (USD).

  1. £ 52 million equals _________________________ USD.

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