BARS::Prime Number and Square Number Highway Signs

On 22 March 2006, RoadHacker started roadtripping with his eyes open for prime number and square number highway signs. Earlier in 2006, he started a collection of prime number speed limit signs.

Prime Number Highway Signs

The following highway signs contain prime numbers.

  1. US Hwy-2 [from Montana]
  2. US Hwy-2 [not ME Hwy-100; from Bangor, Maine]
  3. US Hwy-2 [not VT Hwy-100; from Vermont]
  4. NE Hwy-2 ... NE Hwy-61 Jct. [from Nebraska]
  5. IL Hwy-2
  6. CA County-S2 [from San Diego County, California]
  7. CO County-3 [from Thurman, Colorado]
  8. CO Grand County-3 [from Colorado]
  9. IL Hwy-3 [from Illinois]
  10. OK Hwy-3 [not US Hwy-56, 64, 412; from Oklahoma]
  11. I-5 [from Portland, Oregon]
  12. CO Hwy-7 [not US Hwy-36; from Lyons, Colorado]
  13. IL Hwy-7 [from Illinois]
  14. OH Hwy-7 [from Ohio]
  15. IL Hwy-7 & IL Hwy-53 [not US Hwy-66; from Illinois]
  16. NM Hwy-11 [not NM Hwy-9; from New Mexico]
  17. US Hwy-17 [not US Hwy-50; from Virginia]
  18. NE Hwy-17 [not US Hwy-6, not US Hwy-34; from Nebraska]
  19. TX Hwy-17 [from Texas]
  20. I-17 [not I-10; from Arizona]
  21. I-19 [from Cottonwood, Arizona]
  22. I-19 [take from I-10 in Tucson, Arizona]
  23. AZ Indian Hwy-19 [from Arizona]
  24. IL Hwy-19 [from Illinois]
  25. IL Hwy-23 [not IL Hwy-64; from Illinois]
  26. KS Hwy-23 [from Kansas]
  27. ND Hwy-23 [from N. Dakota]
  28. US Hwy-41 [not US Hwy-30; from Indiana]
  29. AZ County-41E [near Bouse, Arizona]
  30. I-43 [from Milwaukee, Wisconsin]
  31. I-43 [from Wisconsin; found in a Tempe garage]
  32. MO Hwy-47 [from Missouri]
  33. NM Hwy-47 [from New Mexico]
  34. IL Hwy-53 [from Illinois]
  35. NM Hwy-53 [from New Mexico]
  36. IL Hwy-59 [from Illinois]
  37. US Hwy-61 [from Arkansas]
  38. US Hwy-61 [not US Hwy-49, not MS Hwy-315; from Mississippi]
  39. US Hwy-61 [not MS Hwy-4; from Mississippi]
  40. US Hwy-61 [from Missouri]
  41. AZ Hwy-61 [from Arizona]
  42. CO Grand County-61 [from Colorado]
  43. IL Hwy-61 [not IL Hwy-96; from Illinois]
  44. NE Hwy-61 [from Nebraska]
  45. NM Hwy-61 [from New Mexico]
  46. US Hwy-67 [not TX Hwy-170; from Texas]
  47. AZ Hwy-71 [from Arizona]
  48. AZ Yavapai County-71 [from Arizona]
  49. CO Hwy-71 [from Colorado]
  50. NE Hwy-71 [not US Hwy-30; from Nebraska]
  51. AZ Hwy-73 [not US Hwy-60, not AZ Hwy-77; from Arizona]
  52. ME Hwy-73 [from Maine; from the movie "In the Bedroom"]
  53. AZ Hwy-79 [from Arizona]
  54. MO Hwy-79 [from Missouri]
  55. SD Hwy-79 [not US Hwy-18, not US Hwy-385; from S. Dakota]
  56. US Hwy-83 [from Kansas]
  57. AZ Hwy-83 [not AZ Hwy-82; from Arizona]
  58. AZ Hwy-89 [from Arizona] [not AZ Hwy-83; from Utah]
  59. AZ Hwy-89A [from Arizona]
  60. US Hwy-89 [not UT Hwy-9; from Utah]
  61. AZ Hwy-97 ... End AZ Hwy-97 [from Arizona]
  62. MD Hwy-97 [from Maryland]
  63. Loop 101 [from Arizona]
  64. NM Hwy-107 [not NM Hwy-169; from New Mexico]
  65. CO Hwy-109 [from Colorado]
  66. IL Hwy-113 [from Coal City, Illinois]
  67. NM Hwy-113 [from New Mexico; 113 prime, 9 square]
  68. NM Hwy-137 [from New Mexico]
  69. CO Hwy-139 [from Colorado]
  70. CO Hwy-167 [from Colorado]
  71. AZ Hwy-179 [drove it, but no picture]
  72. US Hwy-191 & US Hwy-491 [from Utah]
  73. CO Hwy-233 [from Colorado]
  74. IL Hwy-251 [no picture; from Illinois]
  75. NV Hwy-233 [from Nevada]
  76. AZ Hwy-277 [from Arizona (2008)]
  77. AZ Hwy-347 [from Arizona]
  78. CO Hwy-347 [from Colorado]
  79. AZ Hwy-373 [from Arizona]
  80. KS Hwy-383 & KS Hwy-23 & US Hwy-83 [triple primes; from Kansas]
  81. WA Hwy-401 [from Washington]
  82. US Hwy-491 [not US Hwy-666; from Utah]
  83. AZ Hwy-587 [from Arizona]
  84. TX Hwy-769 [not US Hwy-82; from Texas]
  85. AZ Mohave County-3119 [from Arizona]
  86. NM Hwy-6563 [from New Mexico] List of prime numbers

Square Number Highway Signs

Square numbers are not prime numbers.

  1. US Hwy-1 (1x1) [from Virginia]
  2. CO Grand County-4 [from Colorado]
  3. KS Hwy-4 (2x2) [from Kansas]
  4. MS Hwy-4 (2x2) [not US Hwy-61; from Mississippi]
  5. NE Hwy-4A Spur (2x2) [from Nebraska]
  6. CO Hwy-9 (3x3) [from Colorado]
  7. NM Hwy-9 (3x3) [not NM Hwy-11; from New Mexico]
  8. NM Hwy-9 (3x3) [not NM Hwy-113 (113 is prime; from New Mexico]
  9. NM Hwy-9 (3x3) [not NM Hwy-146; from New Mexico]
  10. UT Hwy-9 (3x3) [not US Hwy-89; from Utah]
  11. US Hwy-16 (4x4) [not SD Hwy-244; from S. Dakota]
  12. CO Hwy-16 (4x4) [from Colorado]
  13. IL Hwy-16 & IL Hwy-100 (4x4) (10x10) [from Illinois]
  14. NM Hwy-16 (4x4) [from New Mexico]
  15. CA Hwy-25 (5x5) [from California]
  16. I-25 (5x5) [from Albuquerque, New Mexico]
  17. I-25 (5x5) [not US Hwy-50; from Colorado]
  18. NE Hwy-25 (5x5) [from Nebraska]
  19. US Hwy-36 (6x6) [from Last Chance, Colorado]
  20. US Hwy-36 (6x6) [not CO Hwy-7; from Lyons, Colorado]
  21. US Hwy-36 (6x6) [not IL Hwy-96, not IL Hwy-106; from Illinois]
  22. US Hwy-36 (6x6) [not US Hwy-83; from Kansas]
  23. NM Hwy-36 (6x6) [from New Mexico]
  24. UT Hwy-36 (6x6) [from Utah]
  25. US Hwy-49 (7x7) [not US Hwy-61, not MS Hwy-315; from Mississippi]
  26. I-64 (8x8) [not US Hwy-40; from St. Louis, Missouri]
  27. US Hwy-64 (8x8) [not US Hwy-56, 412, not OK Hwy-3; from Oklahoma]
  28. AZ Hwy-64 (8x8) [from Arizona)
  29. CO Hwy-64 (8x8) [from Colorado]
  30. US Hwy-64 (8x8) [from New Mexico]
  31. US Hwy-64 (8x8) [from Tennessee]
  32. IL Hwy-64 (8x8) [not IL Hwy-23; from Illinois]
  33. IL Hwy-64 (8x8) [from Illinois]
  34. AZ Hwy-81 (9x9) [from Arizona (entrance to Lyman Lake; no signage)]
  35. NM Hwy-81 (9x9) [from New Mexico (drove past it on NM Hwy-9; no picture)]
  36. IL Hwy-100 (10x10) [from Illinois]
  37. ME Hwy-100 (10x10) [not US Hwy-2; from Bangor, Maine]
  38. TN Hwy-100 (10x10) [from Tennessee]
  39. VT Hwy-100 (10x10) [not US Hwy-2; from Vermont]
  40. WI Hwy-100 (10x10) [from Wisconsin]
  41. CO Hwy-144 (12x12) [from Colorado]
  42. KS Hwy-144 (12x12) [from Kansas]
  43. NM Hwy-169 (13x13) [not NM Hwy-107; from New Mexico]
  44. I-225 (15x15) [from Denver, Colorado]
  45. Apache County-2116 (46x46) [from Arizona on US Hwy-191]

Creator: Gerald Thurman []
Created: 22 March 2006
+ added NM Hwy-36, NM Hwy-107, NM Hwy-137, NM Hwy-169 on 7 July 2009
+ added IL Hwy-113 on 16 May 2011
+ added NM Hwy-113 & NM Hwy-9 on 20 May 2011
+ added NM Hwy-11 & NM Hwy-9 on 20 May 2011
+ added US Hwy-64 (New Mexico) on 02 June 2012
+ added IL Hwy-2 on 27 June 2012
+ added IL Hwy-64 on 27 June 2012

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