BARS:Phoenix Avenues Heading West On I-10

I-10 exit numbers start near the New Mexico border with exit number 390 at Cavot road. The western most exit is number at Ehrenberg near the California border at Ehrenberg. In other words, the exit numbers go from highest-to-lowest as you drive I-10 392 miles west through Arizona.

Heading west on I-10 through the Valley of the Sun resulted in the discovery of a sequence of road signs that contain numerical patterns. { first sign}

   35th Ave       1/4             Exit 141
   43rd Ave     1 1/4             35th Ave
   51st Ave     2 1/4

Continue heading west on I-10. {second sign}

   43rd Ave       1/4             Exit 140
   51st Ave     1 1/4             43rd Ave
   59th Ave     2 1/4

Continue heading west on I-10. Record what the next exit sign will look like.

   ???? Ave       1/4             Exit 1??
   ???? Ave     1 1/4             ???? Ave
   ???? Ave     2 1/4

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 21 February 2006

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