Washington Tree in California May Be Dying

This story was on page A11 of the Wednesday, 9 February 2005, Arizona Republic. It was an AP (Associated Press) story and I removed measurements that were given in feet.

   "A giant sequoia believed to be the second-largest tree in the 
    world may not live much longer after suffering damage from 
    heavy snow and strong wind, according to officials at Sequoia 
    National Park."

   "The sequoia known as the Washington Tree once stood more 
    than 77 meters tall with a circumference at its base of 
    more than 31 meters, ranking it second behind a tree known 
    as the General Sherman sequoia in the same park."

   "Studies of the tree's layers suggest it is between 2,500 
    and 3,200 years old."

The Washington Tree is 77 meters tall. How tall is it in feet?

The base of the Washington Tree has a circumference of 31 meters. What is the circumference in feet? In addition, given the tree's circumference, what is its diameter?


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RoadHacker Nanofoo

During Spring Break 2004, we drove from San Jose, California, to Tempe, Arizona. The roadtrip included a visit to Sequoia National Monument. We didn't take any pictures of Washington Tree, but we did photograph the General Sherman Tree. The General Sherman Tree is considered the largest living thing on earth . [Here is a picture of Bree at the Tree.]