Some Wisconsin Quarters Worth More Than A Quarter

This story was on page A11 of the 9 February 2005 Arizona Republic.

   "Coin collectors say quarters with two variations in the 
    design of a cornstalk on the back of the coin have been 
    spotted at Tucson and San Antonio."

   "Individual coins with the variations were selling for 
    $500 to $600, depending on condition."

   "The U.S. Mint, which produced 453 million Wisconsin quarters 
    for its state coin series, is trying to determine how the 
    differences came about."

Write 453 million as a number.

Flawed quarters are worth between $500 and $600. What is the average of these two figures?

Assume we have 10 quarters and that they are worth $535 a quarter. How much money do we have?

At the end of 2003, Wisconsin had an approximate population of 5,472,299 people. Assuming the human population of Wisconsin has not changed since the end of 2003, how many quarters per person did the U. S. Mint produce?

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Created: 09 February 2005

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RoadHacker Nanofoo

During Fall 2004 I went to Washington, DC. Although not the U.S. Mint, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing would not be happy if all of sudden flawed dollar bills started showing up.

The Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department are governmental departments that care about money.

Washington's oldest bank has been doing stuff with money for a long time.

[I don't why I didn't take a picture of the IRS (Internal Revenue Service).]

We could have another depression if our money went bad.

Ben Franklin was quoted saying: "The money that makes money makes more money."