Pi Day, 14 March (pi = 3.141592654)

In 1737, a mathematician named Euler used the symbol for 'pi' to be equal to the ratio of the circumference to the diameter in a circle.

Many mathematicians and math classes celebrate Pi Day every 14th of March. 1:59pm is a common celebration time; however, the playing should probably occur at 1:59am instead.

Einstein's Birthday

Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1879 and he died on 18 April 1955.

Ultimate Pi Moment

The value of 'pi' approximates 3.141592654.

The ultimate 'pi' moment (using American-style date format) was 3/14/1592 at 6:54am. [source:: Wikipedia.org]

  1. Compute how old Einstein was when he died.
  2. Round the value of pi (3.141592654) to the nearest thousandth.
  3. Write the value of pi (3.141592654) as a mixed number.
  4. A bit more ϖ...

       With respect to a circle:
       A = ϖ * R2
       C = ϖ * D
       C = ϖ * 2 * R
       where A is Area, R is radius, D is diameter, C is circumference

    Pretend circle foo has a radius of 5 meters and circle farkle has a diameter of 8 feet.

  5. Compute the circumference of circle foo.
  6. Compute the area of circle farkle.

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RoadHacker NanoFoo

RoadHacker has been in New Mexico many times. Spring Break 2005 has RoadHacker returning to New Mexico for a four day roadtrip that will approximate 1320 miles in length. {RoadHacker:: US Hwy-60 and US Hwy-70 Across New Mexico}

RoadHacker has timed the roadtrip so that he will be in eating pie in Pie Town, New Mexico, on Pi Day. There is a chance that RoadHacker will be in Pie Town at 1:59pm, but this is not a must do. { map}

Yet More ϖ

Interesting Pi Day happenings obtained from Teach-nology.com.

   1956: Satchel Paige signs with the Birmingham Black Barons
   1958: Recording Industry Association of American created
   1976: US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
   1995: 1st time 13 people in space

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The Pi/Pie Story Continues

A student gave me a homemade banana cream pie on 10 May 2005. It was good.