Arizona Republic Headline:
"Really big fry is sighted at Wis. restaurant"

[16 Febrary 2005] A cook at Culver's Restaurant in Brookfield, Wisconsin, discovered a crinkle-cut fry that was eight and three-quarter inches long. The owner of the restaurant ordered the fry frozen upon its discovery. [Potential future headline? ... Long crinkle-cut fry sells for $??? on eBay.]

This picture helps us visualize a long french fry.

  1. Write eight and three-quarter as a mixed number.

  2. Write eight and three-quarter as an improper fraction.

  3. Write eight and three-quarter as a decimal number. { answer}

  4. Convert eight and three-quarter inches to centimeters. [Note: 1 inch equals 2.54 centimeters.] { answer}

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Created: 16 February 2005

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