Herb Learns the MPG for His New Car

Herb Mumford got a new car during the spring of 2005. He wanted to check how many miles per gallon (MPG) his new car would average so he did the following.

  1. Drove his car until the gas tank got near empty.
  2. Reset the trip odometer to zero.
  3. Filled the gas tank to full.
  4. Drove the car 356.2 miles.
  5. Filled the tank again with 13.3 gallons of gas.

Now Herb did the following arithmetic to calculate his car's MPG.

          miles driven:  356.2
   gallons of gas used:  13.3

                            356.2 miles 
      miles per gallon  =  -------------  =  26.78195488
                            13.3 gallons

      rounded down to the nearest tenth of a mile:  26.7 mpg

Herb checked his calcuation using FuelEconomy.gov, which stated his car had the following MPG ratings.

   MPG (city)        21
   MPG (highway)     29
   MPG (combined)    24

FuelEconomy.gov:: Find the Estimated MPG for a Car

Herb wanted to know how many miles he could drive on a full tank of gas. He learned that the gas tank of his car has a capacity of 16 gallons allowing him to do the following computation.

   capacity:  16 gallons
        mpg:  26.7

   26.7 miles
   ---------- * 16 gallons  =  427.2 miles
    1 gallon

Herb's new car can go approximately 427 miles on a full tank of gas.

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 11 March 2005

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