Butterflies Galore During the Spring of 2005

[Monday, 11 April 2005, My.Yahoo.com]
"175 butterflies per minute"

UCDavis.edu:: Butterflies bloom after heavy rains: Painted Ladies streaming north

   "They were in such big numbers in the desert 
    that people were having to stop every 15 minutes 
    to clean their windshields."

   -- Arthur Shapiro, evolutionary ecologist 
      University of California-Davis.

[Exercise] Compute how many times a car would have to stop to clean its windshield over the period of three hours.

Butterflies were observed in San Francisco while they were "migrating" to places like Corvallis, Oregon. San Francisco and Corvallis are approximately 919 kilometers (google::miles) apart.

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Created: 13 April 2005

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