Binary Driving Instructions--Tempe AZ to Blythe CA

This note contains driving directions between Tempe, Arizona, and Blythe, California. Directions are given using the binary (or base-2) number system.

From my home in Tempe drive north on LoopBinary5. Drive north and go west on Loop110010102 that then merges into I-Binary2. Drive I-Binary2 for 10100112 miles plus or minus a few miles.

A few miles... what does that mean?

Blythe is about 164.6 miles away from my starting point in Tempe.

   1) Round 164.6 to the nearest mile.

   using the rounded value...

   2) If we average 75mph, how long will
      it take to get to Blythe assuming
      zero stops?

   3) What are the total miles to drive
      Tempe to Blythe to Tempe?

   4) If we get 30 miles to the gallon,
      how many gallons of gas will a 
      roundtrip require?

   5) If gas is $2.01 per gallon, how much
      will the roundtrip cost?

Yahoo! and I don't get out of Tempe the same way but the mileages are approximately equal. { Driving Directions - Tempe, AZ to Blythe, CA }

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Created: 04 February 2005

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RoadHacker Nanofoo

I'd really like to like Blythe, but I can't. Blythe would, however, make a good hub for doing interesting day roadtrips. {RoadHacker::Picture:: Downtown Blythe, California}