Bezos--Low Salary, Huge Investment

Jeff Bezos, the founder of, has had a yearly salary of $81,840 for the last three years (2004, 2003, 2002).

In 2004, had net sales of $6,921,124,000. In 2002, net sales were approximately $3.93 billion.

Bezos owns 100,000,000 shares of stock. [ AMZN]

As of this writing (04 May 2005) AMZN shares were at $33.93 per share.

  1. Compute the market value of Bezos' investment.
  2. Write's 2004 net sales as a decimal number that starts with $6. -- fill in the decimal points and record the unit of measurement.

  3. Write's 2002 net sales as a whole number prefixed with a dollar sign ($).

  4. AMZN shares were purchased at $9.68 on 24 December 2001. Compute the total percentage increase.

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Created: 26 April 2005

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