BABs Created During Spring 2005 Semester


BABs are listed in the order in which they were created during the Spring 2005 semester.

  1. Definitions for Horizon and Vertical [Wyoming] {used}
  2. Binary Driving Directions [Arizona/California]
  3. 3,600,000 (3.6 million) Nickels Add Up Nicely {used}
  4. Some Wisconsin Quarters Worth More Than A Quarter [Wisconsin]
  5. Washington Tree May Be Dying [California] {used}
  6. Cheap Gas on Route 66 [Illinois] {used}
  7. Carly Fiorina Leaves HP [California]
  8. Long Crinkle-Cut Fry [Wisconsin] {used}
  9. An Introduction to Grace Hopper (and the term nanosecond) [Washington, DC] {used}
  10. Durrenberger Says "Do the Math Yourself" [ASU]
  11. Rain, Rain and More Rain [Arizona, California, Nevada] {used}
  12. From Ants to Nanobots
  13. Leap Years {used}
  14. Tuition Rates 2005-06 {used}
  15. Plastic Bags are Nasty Litter
  16. China's Internet Usage Continues to Grow
  17. Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer {used}
  18. From Pi to Pie {used}
  19. MAT082 Stock Portfolio for Spring 2005 (03/04/05)
  20. Valley Metro to Lower Bus Fares {used}
  21. Estimating the Cost of a Road Trip
  22. Airplane Ticket: Phoenix to San Diego {used}
  23. Herb Learns the MPG for His New Car
  24. Fewer Computer Programmers {used}
  25. Domain Names By the Euro {used}
  26. Isotechnika Receives Arizona Bio Expo 2005 Award {used}
  27. Penny Stock Commission Rates at
  28. Education Costs Must Include Gas Expenses
  29. Butterflies Galore {used}
  30. A Huge Cosmic Bubble of Gas and Dust {used}
  31. From Cosmic Bubble to Super Computing {used}
  32. Drilling To Hit the Earth's Upper Mantle
  33. Albert Einstein... 2005 to 1955 to 1905 {used}
  34. Triangles In Space May Be Signals {used}
  35. Consumer Price Index Jumps During March 2005 {used}
  36. Bezos--Low Salary, Huge Investment
  37. Yahoo! and Google and the Number Four {used}
  38. Special Date--05 May 2005 (05/05/05) {used}
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Created: 09 February 2005

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