CITRIS Excited About Peta-Scale Computing

CITRIS is the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society. CITRIS creates information technology solutions for many of our most pressing social, environmental and healthcare problems.

   "Petascale computing is coming of age, opening powerful 
    new modeling opportunities for CITRIS applications. From 
    the exploration of protein folding at the atomic level to 
    long-range climate predictions and turbulence studies, the 
    new computers will give a broad range of users processing 
    power heretofore reserved for weapons research."

James Demmel, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at UC Berkeley and founding Chief Scientist at CITRIS, is correct when he was quoted saying the following.

   "The computer industry will hit a wall unless it figures out 
    how to deal with large-scale parallelism." Peta Computing's Parallel Universe

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Created: 07 May 2007

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