HPC Enabling 21st Century Informatics

ORNL Supercomputer Upgrade

Cray Inc. announced that the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has completed a more than doubling of the capacity of its Cray supercomputer. The ORNL system was operating at 54 teraflops, but now it has performance capacity of 119 teraflops. Cray says, "The upgrade is an important milestone in ORNL's previously announced plan to provide its users with a petaflops-speed supercomputer in 2008."

   "Scientists and industry partners such as Boeing, Corning, 
    DreamWorks Animation and General Atomics will be able to 
    employ the enhanced Cray supercomputer configuration to 
    conduct high-impact projects as part of the Department 
    of Energy's INCITE program. In addition, ORNL staff and 
    guest researchers will use the Cray supercomputer to advance 
    the frontiers of neutron science, biological systems, energy 
    production and advanced materials."

Cray.com:: ORNL More Than Doubles Performance of Cray Supercomputer to 119 Teraflops

ASU Informatics Discovery Tour

High-Performance Computing (HPC) (or High-Productivity Computing) is enabling 21st century Informatics.

ASU's last Discovery Tour for Spring 2007 will be conducted by Dr. Sethuraman Panchanathan (Panch), Director of the new School of Computing and Informatics at ASU. The following was copied from the press release for the tour.

   "Panch will describe his new school and how the new school will 
    pursue informatics education and research in partnership with 
    the Arts, Media and Engineering program, the School of Human 
    Evolution and Social Change, the School of Life Sciences, the 
    Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the Department of 
    Psychology, the Biodesign Institute, the Global Institute for 
    Sustainability, W.P. Carey School of Business, the College of 
    Nursing and Healthcare Innovation, the School of Earth and Space 
    Exploration, the Center for Law, Science and Technology and the 
    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences."

The Discovery Tour is at 4:00pm on Tuesday, 8 May 2007, at the ASU Brickyard located on Mill Avenue in Tempe, Arizona.

At the spring 2007 Computer Science ATF meeting held April 6th, ASU--in informal discussionn--said they were working on an "Informatics certificate." Also at the ATF meeting, CS professors from both UofA and UofA-South broght up the topic of "computational thinking."

SCI.ASU.edu:: School of Computing and Informatics

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