General Information
Name Gerald Thurman
Title Instructor
Semester Fall 2017
Office Location CM-426
Phone Number 480.423.6110
Fax Number 480.423.6449
Department Number 480.423.6581

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Class Schedule
   csc100... 3:00pm- 4:30pm CM-454
   csc240... 5:00pm- 6:55pm CM-467

   mat081... 8:00am- 9:50am CM-460 
   mat091...10:00am-11:40am CM-461 
   csc205...12:00pm- 1:40pm CM-454 
Office Times

   Mon/Wed...  2:00pm -  2:55pm
               4:35pm -  4:55pm

   Tue/Thu...  7:15am -  7:55am
               1:45pm -  2:05pm

   Fri/Sat/Sun.... appointment only & online

   Maps: SCC campus | my office CM-426
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