About Thurman's Phone Practices

I do not like the phone. I do not (and will not) have a cell phone should take my own advice and never say never. My dislike for the phone is ironic because I owe everything I have to Ma Bell (i.e. AT&T's Bell System).

I have only one "public" phone number and that is my office phone at SCC. Note: My office is the property of the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD).

If you leave your phone number on my office answering machine, then please say each digit of your number slowly and clearly. Sometimes I have to listen to a message multiple times in order to get the phone number written down. My brain processing speed is about a decade behind where it should be; therefore, you must speak clearly and slowly.

[these days] Responsive email is primary tool for communications.

I rarely check my messages from home; in other words, there are times when I check messages only when I'm at the office (CM-464 on SCC's main campus).

If you leave a phone number on my answering machine, then speak clearly and slowly. Here is how I say my phone number when giving it out over the phone. [Every three spaces represent a pause.]

   4   8   0   4   2   3   6   1   1   0

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