The Future Since Future Day 02013

This web page was created on March 3rd, which was two days after Future Day 02013.

[02013.03.01] Future Day 2013 !! by Ben Goertzel 3D Printing Change the World? | Off Book | PBS Boston Dynamics' BigDog can lift and toss (w/ video) Marvin Minsky -- Immortal minds are a matter of time

[02013.03.05] Expanding Clean Energy and Easing Fuel Shortages

   "The former [evolutionary sciences] already exists but scientists are 
    trying to understand it better and to enhance performance. The latter 
    [revolutionary science] is at least a decade away." --

[02013.03.11] Printing Self-Building Space Stations!

[02013.03.11] Theodore Berger -- Piecemeal repair and replacement of brain parts is coming.

[02013.03.11] Awareness Week

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Created: 03 March 2013