56 Days Since My First "Learning About the Future in 50 Minutes" Talk

I gave this talk for the first time on 24 February 02012 at Scottsdale Community College. I gave this talk a second time 56 days later (on 20 April 02012) at Glendale Community College (GCC). This web page was created in preparation for the GCC talk.

The first time I gave this talk I failed to mention the Turing Test and the Uncanny Valley.

Since the first time I gave this talk, the phrase Infinite Computing was legitimized by Peter Diamandis in his book "Abundance".

Since the first time I gave this talk, on 10 April 02012, DARPA announced "Robotics Challenge." Potentially 10 April 02012 might become an epoch date for the U.S.A.

1 March 02012... The first Future Day holiday was celebrated on this day. The following was copied from FutureDay.org.

   "Most of our holidays are focused on past events or individuals, 
    or on the rhythms of nature. History and nature are wonderful 
    and should be honored -- but the amazing future we are building 
    together should be honored as well."

   "Future Day is a way of focusing and celebrating the energy that 
    more and more people around the world are directing toward creating 
    a radically better future."

1 March (Future Day) 02012... I blogged the following to my AzFoo at AzCentral.com blog.

   I'd like to see our educational system changed such that for 
   every one minute a student spends learning about the past, 
   they spend one minute learning about the future.

1 March (Future Day) 02012... I turned my WordPress.com::Yottagoo blog into a blog devoted to Learning About the Future. March had 10 posting and and there were seven postings during the first 16 days of April.

1-3 March 02012... Emerge.ASU.com::Emerge: Artists + Scientists Redesign the Future was held at Arizona State University. I attended the Emerge Mashup on March 3rd and had the opportunity to hear Michael Crow, Brian David Johnson, Neal Stephenson and Stewart Brand talk. {TechResearch.Intel.com::The Tomorrow Project ["Conversations About the Future"]

1-31 March 02012... I read chapters 1, 2, 9 and 10 in the book "The Tomorrow Project Anthology: Conversations About the Future". After reading the first paragraph of chapter one, I decided to adopt Brian David Johnson's belief that...

   "The future is not written. The future is made every day by the 
    actions of people. Because of this I have always believed that 
    everyone should be an active participant in the future. If we 
    are all making it and we are all going to live in it then why 
    not do something about it individually." -- Brian David Johnson

5 March 02012... AzSciTechFest.org::Learning for a living will be the future.

9 March 02012... My @yottagoo Twitter character tweeted the following.

   .@yottagoo is morphing into a pragmatic futurist. 
   #LearningAboutTheFuture My blog is at 
   http://yottagoo.wordpress.com #future

Between 9 March 02012 and 18 April 02012, @yottagoo had tweeted 35 tweets.

10 March 02012... I posted the following to my Google+ blog: The Meaning of the 21st Century (a film by James Martin)

10 March 02012 to 18 April 02012... I read the book Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler.

16 March 02012... Facebook status update: Finished the first chapter of "Abundance" and I think it's going to abundantly good.

16 April 02012... Email message sent to co-worker after we had an informal conversation in Foyer hallway at SCC.

YouTube.com::will.i.am and Intel Futurist Brian David Johnson Brainstorm

Stewart Brand ended his talk at ASU Emerge Mashup with the following... "Learning to garden well is the task of this century." {GoodReads.com::Whole Earth Discipline: An Ecopragmatist Manifesto}

17 April 02012... A former students visited me to invite me to attend a talk sponsored by the Philosophical Societies of Scottdale Community College and Paradise Valley Community College. The talk, which was titled "Darwinian Evolution vs. Intelligent Design Theory," was given by a Dr. Jay Richards. The student mentioned another speaker that they might have during the fall semester and I suggested they invite me to give my "Learning About the Future in 50 Minutes" talk. We got to chatting about the future. I recall saying such things as the following.

   What are scientists and researchers going to do with Infinite Computing?
   It's possible the Turing Test is going to be passed.
   It's possible you and I are going to live to a 1,000.
   Have you ever heard of the Uncanny Valley?
   Sociopolitically we're far from being prepared for the future.
   U.S. political leadership: Status quo for at least the next decade.

20 April 02012... I gave my "Learning About the Future in 50 Minutes" for a second time. The following hyperlinks were inserted into this web page to demonstrate how the Internet enables all of us to learn about the future. The hyperlinks, which span a time frame of eight hours, were mined from my Facebook account on the morning of 20 April 02012. The hyperlinks were posted to various Facebooks that I have "Liked." [I did not mine any hyperlinks from my Google+ or Twitter accounts.]

I gave this talk for a second time on 20 April 02012, which was National DNA Day. Genome.gov claims that National DNA Day "commemorates the completion of the Human Genome Project in April 2003."

Yottagoo::Learning About the Future in 50 Minutes

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