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I can't cook, nor do I like to spend a lot of time cooking; therefore, I am always looking for food items that taste great, but can be prepared with no talent and in a minimal amount of time. [Assume the cook is six years old.]

I have implemented many of the following recipes and have received compliments from a variety of people (I've gone to a lot of pot-less pot lucks). If I can implement these recipes, then so can you!

Artichoke Garlic Bread
If you like artichokes, then you will probably like this french bread. It kind of reminds me of white pizza.

Baked Beans
A baked beans recipe... big deal. But these beans are great and extremely easy to prepare.

Banana Bread
This is an easy to make banana bread that uses Post's Banana Nut Cereal.

Beer Brats
If you like beer and brats, then you will like the way I make beer brats.

Best Brownies Ever
The one and only brownie recipe you will ever need (so says Marie).

Chicken Canterbury
A chicken/noodle casserole that is easy to make and is mighty tasty. It has a hint of curry along with cheese and bread crumbs.

Chili Dog Casserole
This is an easy, quick, and tasty casserole.

Corn Dog Casserole
This is a casserole that tastes like corn dogs.

Corn Spoonbread
If you like corn and corn bread, then you will like this stuff.

Crunchy Apple Pie
This apple pie sounds as if it is awesome.

DebbieK's Cream Puffs
If you like creamed filled pastries, then you will enjoy DebbieK's cream puffs.

Looks like dirt but tastes great. Serve it in a flower pot and have some fun with it.

Dog Biscuits
Here is a treat that your dog will enjoy.

Four Soup Casserole
This recipe is difficult to mess up -- hamburger, four different soups and some chow mein noodles. Mix and bake and eat.

Grilled Cheese
An all-time favorite. Grilled cheese sandwiches are very popular at Phish concerts.

Hamburger Masa
This dish sounds filling. Eat a helping and take a nap.

Good food helps us be happy.

Hot Five Bean Dish
This is a crock pot recipe that offers a nice alternative to baked beans.

Kitty Heaven
Your cat will appreciate this recipe. If it doesn't send your cat to heaven, then try Cat Cookies.

M & M Cookies
These cookies are great, but be sure you don't bake them to long. They need to come out nice and soft.

Marie's Recipe With No Name
Black-eye peas with jasmin rice and a few extras to add some flavor.

Mexican Lasagna
Lasagna made using chicken, tortillas, salsa, cheese, and other stuff.

Millennium BBQ Meatballs
Excellent sausage-based BBQ meatballs.

Savory Chicken
Kim's savory chicken: a dish of stimulating flavor.

Spaghetti Omelet
This omelet is great, plus it looks really good.

SPAMburger Hamburger
I admit to never having tried this. Just doesn't sound all that good to me.

Steak and Beans
A tasty crock pot dish from KimR (formerly KimM) @ SCC.

Taffy Apple Salad
It's a salad, not, it's a dessert, not, it's a salad, not, it's a dessert, ..., hey try it and decide for yourself.

Tator Tot Casserole
It tastes like cheeseburger on a bun, yet it contains no cheese and no bread. The recipe was obtained from an old John F. Long cookbook and it has a bunch of variations.


Bander Snatch Brew and Pub brews its own beer and I'm fond of the Milk Stout (I down right love it). The food is good and the atmosphere is casual, easy, and comfortable. They have interesting specials like all-you-can-eat Broccoli and Tuna Mac (yum) and all-you-can-eat Goulash (yum). The pub is interestingly located across from the Tempe police station on Fifth Street adjacent to ASU.

Big Apple has been one of my favorite restaurants since moving to the Valley in 1985. Their beef ribs are great and it's all you can eat for $9.95. [When I moved to Phoenix, all-you-can-eat beef ribs was $6.95.]

Cafe Istanbul is a nice, family operated long time favorite. The "Beef Shawarma" is what I always get. On the weekends they have a belly dancer who can do interesting things with her belly (plus she is really cute). This place is located on the east side of Rural just a little south of University in Tempe across from ASU [it is not a student hangout].

Chuy's is a fun spot with good food. Sometimes the salsa is very good. The last time I was there the chips were salted nicely. I like the fish sandwich with some sauce. The food at Chuy's is a good deal. The margarita's are always satisfying.

Four Peaks has great beer and good food. The place is popular with lots of outside seating. The Hefeweizen is excellent. It is a bit off the main drag, but that only enhances its location.

Harlow's Cafe is great place for breakfast. Located at Hardy and University in Tempe, dining here makes you feel as if you are eating in some mom & pop restaurant located in the Midwest. The food is great and fills you up [the pancakes are super]. The service is excellent and enjoyable. Harlow's looks innocent from the outside, but don't let that turn you off. This place has charm and character.

Hong Kong Restaurant, located on the NW corner of Dobson and Southern in Mesa, offers a great value. For $5.00 (US) you can get a whopping bowl of soup. I like the "House Special Soup" which comes hot with all kinds of stuff in it (seafood, pork, veggies and noodles). You really do eat this soup with a fork.

LaFondas is without question the best Mexican food restaurant in town. It is located on the NW corner of Rural and Curry in Tempe. It is fast, friendly, and family operated. Excellent re-fried beans and unbelievable salsa.

Terriyaki Kitchen is one of those many Japanese fast food places (a.k.a. Tokyo Express, Kyoto Bowl, Tokyo Stop, and so forth). I've tried many of these places - and I like them all - but this is my favorite. The "House Chicken" is always good. This place is located on the NE corner of Dobson and Guadalupe in Mesa.

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My programming classes learn that the food of the programmer is the Snickers Bar, but the Techie cuisine: Pop-tarts and poutine? article from TechWeek magazine indicates that programmers do not live on Snickers alone.

This food timeline provides a history of when foods started to become popular. Example: Worcestershire Sauce (1835), Jello (1897), Gatorade (1965), and so on.

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