CSzero::Learning About Computing Courses

These are the computing courses that I (Gerald Thurman) have taught at Scottsdale Community College since the fall of 1997. Most of these course websites are stale and they suffer from severe linkrot.

CSC110 -- Introduction to Computer Science (Java)

CSC100 -- Introduction to Computer Science (C++)
CSC150 -- Introductory/Intermediate C
CSC180 -- Computing for Scientists, Engineers and Medical/Health Specialists
CSC185 -- Introductory Internet and WWW
CSC200 -- Principles of Computer Science (Java)
CSC210 -- Data Structures and Algorithms
CSC285 -- Intermediate Internet and WWW
CSC294 -- Programming using PERL, PHP, Python
CIS126 -- Introductory Unix
CIS166 -- Web Programming (JavaScript, Apache, PERL)
CIS238 -- Intermediate Unix
CTI Seminar -- Learning About XHTML
CTI Seminar -- Learning About Web Page Design
CSC178 -- Programming in a Unix Environment
CSC260 -- Java Programming

Creator: Gerald Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 30 December 2013