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CSzero was started as a Learning About Computing resource during the fall of 1997. At the start of the 21st century (i.e. year 2001), CSzero expanded to include the following Learning About the Future resources: Learning About Biotechnology, Learning About Nanotechnology, and Learning About Robotics. During the spring 2004, CSzero started a Learning About Everday Math resource. On 29 June 2006, Scottsdale Community College "killed" CSC (Computer Science Courses). During the summer or 2007, CSzero began a Learning About Algebra resource.

Learning About Computing Blogs...
Internet Observer [since 08 August 1998] ... Unix & Linux Logger [since 08 May 1999]
Security Watchdog [since 10 March 2000] ... Computing Bits [since 14 September 2001]
Grid Utilitarian [since 03 October 2004; #supercomputing #HPC]
Free/Libre/Open Software E-Rambler [since 18 September 2004; #FLOSSER]

Learning About Programming Languages...
{Unix Shells} {C & C++} {Java} {JavaScript} {Perl} {awk} {php} {python}

Learning About the Internet & WWW... {XHTML} {Internet & WWW}

Learning About Operating Systems... {Unix Systems} {Plan 9} {Inferno}

Learning About Computing Gurus... {DreamTeam} {DeadTeam}

Learning About Computing Talks (notes)...
Approaching Infinite Computing; 10^18 in 2018? [#ScienceCafeOfSouthScottsdale; 06 May 2013]
Women in Computing [#AdaLovelaceDay 20-minute talk on 16 Oct 2012; 26 Feb 2013]
Approaching Infinite Computing [#ExascaleDay 20-minute talk on 18 Oct 2012 (10^18)]

Learning About Computing Courses @ SCC...

Learning About Computing (miscellaneous)...
{Computer Books} {Computer Security} {Computing Glossary}
{Free/Libre & Open Source Software (FLOSS)}
{High-Performance Grid & Utility Computing (HPC)}
{Artificial Intelligence} {Computing Ethics} {Interviews} {Local User Groups}
{Object-Oriented Analysis & Design} {Software Engineering} {Terminology}

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