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[Update] This talk was given on 12 February 2013 and the talk worked. I am hoping to give this talk again.

Basic Arithmetic Road Sign(s) #BARS help learners of math become equationeers -- finders of equations.

BARS were started as part of a Learning About Math resource that has a road tripping theme.

A road sign becomes a BARS when the numbers in the sign are used to find an equation. In a nutshell, each number in the sign must be used and each number can be used only once. When searching for equations, math functions can be used on the numbers found in a sign (e.g. sqrt(n), cuberoot(n), log(n), factorial(n)). In addition, equations can be rsEvals, which are when the numbers in a sign are used in expressions that evaluate to "special" numbers (e.g. an approximation of Pi, Phi, 37, 42, state numbers, highway numbers, etc.).

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Note: BARS are published using the Creative Commons license.

Creator: Gerald Thurman []
Created: 11 January 2006

The Amboy/Baker road sign seen on this page morphed into a BARS...

   the numbers are:  40  18  36  15   35

   equation (a):  40 / (36 / 18) + 15 = 35

   equation (b):  (40 - 35) * 18 / sqrt(36) = 15

   rs42Eval:  40 + 18 - 36 - 15 + 35 = 42
   * 42... "Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything" [Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy]

   ...equationeering challenges...

   (1) Find more equations.

   (2) This road sign is in California and CA was the 31st state admitted to 
       the Union. Find an expression that evaluates to 31 for a rsStateEval.

   (3) Find an expression that evaluates to your age for a rsAgeEval.