& is eventually going to be a collection of blog postings, pictures and videos of Arizona. Content providers are going to be RoadHacker (who road trips around Arizona) and TempeHiker (who wanders Maricopa County [Arizona's Valley of the Sun])., the domain name, was created on 30 May 2000. version 0.2...
... RoadHacker Road Trips in Arizona
... TempeHiker Wanders the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix metro area)

Creator: Gerald Thurman []
Created: 30 May 2000 Last Renewed: 29 May 2012

Update::30 May 2012::About

Internet Observer blog posting that I posted on 30 March 2009.

   I just received an email message from alerting me 
   that the domain name expires in two months on 
   30 May 2009. I registered the domain name back 
   in the 20th century on 30 May 2000 and the fact that I have 
   done zero with the domain is evidence that I'm not an entrepreneur. 
   Nonethe ess, I will be renewing the domain name for 
   at least one more year because maybe this summer I will try to 
   do something with it.

The summer of 2009 came and went and I did nothing with It's now 30 May 2012 and remains void of content.

Why The original plan for was to create a web presence for our favorite restaurants. We did create webpages for Harlow's Cafe, Bandersnatch, and Ed The Hotdogger. Harlow's Cafe is still open, but we no longer have a webpage for them. Bandersnatch went belly-up. Ed The Hotdogger is alive and well. also serves up the website for The Mill Avenue Food Critic.